L’Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream Review

LOccitane Shea Butter Foot Cream Review

Having dry, cracked feet can be bothersome. However, because this condition is pretty common, the market is now filled with creams and treatments that can help prevent or treat this problem. Finding an appropriate cream that can tackle your feet’s dryness issues can be a challenge though.

There are companies who promote their products as items filled with special ingredients that can heal extreme dryness fast, while others will plug their merchandise as the key to curb fungal infections and bad odors.

To assist you with your search for a quality, effective product, reading reviews can be a big help. Here is our review of the L’Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream.


  • Contains 15% shea butter to help nourish, protect and soften skin
  • Includes apricot oil extracts for rebuilding hydrolipidic film
  • Includes vitamin E for free radical protection
  • Contains soothing lavender essential oils and arnica extract
  • Free from parabens, sulfates and phthalates
  • Company practices free tree partnership with other countries
  • Soothes and refreshes tired, damaged feet
  • Prevents dryness and cracking and maintains optimal hydration levels


L’Occitane has its beginnings in France and the company has focused on bringing nothing but the best in beauty and skin products with natural ingredients. Their products come with popular and proven effective ingredients like shea butter, lavender, honey and verbena. For this review, we are going to talk about their shea butter foot cream.

The foot cream aims to minimize redness and inflammation of the skin and its formula is packed with lavender essential oils that take charge in treating irritation and soreness.

The cream also contains arnica extract which has anti-inflammatory properties to effectively decrease the irritation caused by extreme dryness on the foot area. It has lots of shea butter in order to give comfort and soothe feet.

Shea butter is filled with vitamins and fatty acids that can safeguard, soften and nourish the heels and the soles. To help keep the skin hydrated at all times, the product is also provided with a good sprinkling of apricot oil extracts to restore a hydrolipidic film.

The cream contains vitamin E to soften and replenish the normal features of your feet and maintain its nice appearance, free from cracks and dryness.

Vitamin E is also capable of protecting the skin from harmful elements like free radicals. The product does not have any harmful elements that can damage on your skin like sulfates, phthalates and parabens.

To maximize the effect of this foot cream, you should apply it regularly. You should use it constantly whenever you need it. The first occasions may require getting your feet to a better condition, and maintenance will be easier after several applications. In order to use it, massage the cream into your skin using your fingers, beginning at the toes then work upwards to the tops of the feet.

Massage the soles with circular gestures using the thumbs. In the ankle and Achilles tendon regions, you should use your fingertips to massage the cream in circular motions. Finish the whole procedure by gently stroking your feet.

Regular use of this cream has brought many feet back to their normal state by maintaining softness and optimal hydration levels. It keeps the feet moisturized all day and if applied frequently, it can repair rough, dry skin on the heels and soles.

Apart from its moisturizing and healing capabilities, it can also soothe and relax due to its calming lavender scent. It provides a minty sensation as well for an overall calming effect. Continued applications of the cream will keep your feel happy and healthy.


The Shea Butter Foot Cream has lots of advantages from moisturizing dry feet, maintaining great hydration levels, and protecting the feet from harmful factors like free radicals. However, the formula has some minor drawbacks. The cream has a greasy and tacky consistency that takes a while to absorb. It is best if you apply the cream before going to bed after a wash.

In order to keep the cream from messing your sheets and allow it to absorb into your skin even more, it is recommended that you wear cotton socks after application.

Furthermore, while the lavender scent is appreciated by some due to its calming properties, some might be put off by the product having a scent. Those who like fragrance-free products should look for another foot cream.


The L’Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream, despite its minor negatives, is still a recommended buy due to its ability to hydrate and heal skin from dryness and cracking.

It has ingredients that are known to moisturize and soothe heels and soles like shea butter, apricot oil and arnica extracts, plus vitamin E. It comes with a refreshing lavender scent, plus a minty sensation, so the application of the product will help you relax and cool down as well.

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