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Best Foot Care Tips
and Product Reviews for  Fabulous Feet 

Do you want smooth, soft, and healthy feet?   There are lots of foot care products available on the market right now, each with their promises of healing and ability to get rid of dry, callused skin. Read on and learn more about the BEST FOOT CARE products and tips for YOU! 

Learn more about the best foot creams by checking out our reviews.  We cover over twenty different creams available on the market today! 

Foot care is important yet often overlooked.  Our in depth articles will provide you with the information needed for healthy skin!  

Each one of us has a different set of issues regarding skin care. Our foot cream reviews pinpoint the best product for your skin condition. 

Discover IMPORTANT Foot Care Advice

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Foot Care Tips

Foot Care Advice for                    Healthy Feet

Many people are often willing to tolerate aching, irritated and dry feet. However, they should not be subjected to pain and instead should be treated with proper care.

Here are important tips so you can put your best foot forward! 


Wash and dry your feet daily 

Wash your feet daily with soapy, warm water. Do not soak them because it can deplete the natural oils on your skin which may lead to dryness.


Apply Foot Cream

Apply a moisturizing foot cream if your feet are dry.  Guarantee that the cream is thoroughly absorbed before putting on shoes.


Remove hard, rough skin

If you notice hard skin and calluses on your soles, you can remove them by using foot file or pumice stone.


Always wear foot wear in public

Any communal place that is damp is a hotbed for fungal infections. Wearing foot protection is a must !


Thank you for all of your "spot on" recommendations. My feet have never been softer. I found the review to be very informative and I will certainly be back to read more.

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