Welcome to Best Beauty Haven! My name is Leigh and I aim to give you clear and informative information about foot cream and the benefits of using it. 

Best Beauty Haven was conceived with the goal to provide advice that can help you determine how to best take care of your feet and the products to use to accomplish this objective.  I was frustrated that many sites failed to answer some the basic questions that I had regarding foot related issues. 

My Story

I am happily married, and I have three children. When my one son, Jacob was three years old, he was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes. This disease is manageable but requires daily maintenance.  One of the many issues of the disorder that needs to be addressed, is the care of his feet. With diabetes, the skin of the foot can easily become dry, rough, and possibly troublesome. I want the best for him and I had difficulty finding the best products to help him take care of his body properly.  

I've learned so much about foot care. I am grateful that I get a chance to share my insights with so many people. I hope that the information provided on this website can help someone else work towards their own health goals.

I wish you the all the best. 

Leigh Croft

Editor of Best Beauty Haven