Advanced Clinicals 8oz Callus Cream Review

Calluses are annoying. They are unappealing, and you can’t ignore them for too long, especially when summertime rolls around. You want to take care of them before they turn into a problem.One of the potential tools that can help you achieve that are callus removing foot creams.

The Advanced Clinicals 8oz Callus Cream was developed to get rid of the hardened skin and rejuvenate your feet, restoring them to their former glory. Having healthy feet has numerous benefits apart from the obvious aesthetic advantages. You can work out more, walk or hike longer, and just generally be more active throughout the day.

Calluses tend to get thicker during wintertime, so it doesn’t hurt to pay extra attention to them during those months. Many people make the mistake of ignoring them when they are not visible.And by the time they realize the problem is getting bigger it is summertime and a potentially successful treatment may be weeks away.

The best foot creams work relatively quickly in terms of hydration but it usually takes a little time until the dead cells disappear, and the new skin appears under the callus. If you use the Advanced Clinicals 8oz Callus Cream, you can reasonably expect to see results within a couple of days.


The Advanced Clinicals 8oz Callus Cream is a callus removal cream that helps you get rid of the unwanted hardened skin, be it on your plantar areas or on the side of your feet. The cream deeply moisturizes the skin and thanks to its non-greasy formula, it is easy to spread.

Some people prefer thicker creams but the vast majority want a product that is thick enough to stick to the skinwithout feeling like a cosmetic mask. In addition to these basic properties, the Advanced Clinicals 8oz Callus Cream has some additional features.

  • Aloe Vera and Green Tea Extract: The cream contains Aloe Vera and Green Tea extract, two of the most heavily researched natural compounds. The former can soothe sunburn, moisturizing the skin, and even accelerate the healing process of micro tears. Green Tea extract does more of the same, in addition to reducing inflammation in the body, including the skin. Two of the most frequently used, potent natural cosmetic ingredients.
  • Jojoba Oil: Another natural plant extract, jojoba oil, is a Top 10 cosmetic ingredient, even now that the “great jojoba fad”is a distant memory. This ingredient was once the cosmetic field’s most important natural compound. At the height of its powers, you could find it in most cosmetic products, even when it didn’t make much sense. In skin products, the oilhas always been a welcome addition and that is still the case today. When it comes to its benefits for the skin, we have to mention its top-notch hydrating ability, the very trait that made it an indispensable tool for cosmetic companies.The Advanced Clinicals 8oz Callus Cream takes full advantage of that.
  • Paraben-Free Formula: In the age of fad diets this almost feels like a gimmick but the paraben fear is justified. This family of chemicals has an interesting way of affecting the body through its hormonal system and you really want to avoid that. Since parabens are still popular ingredients in the cosmetic field, it is hard to eliminate them.But with the Advanced Clinicals 8Oz Callus Cream, you can rest easy, this product is completely paraben-free.


  • Hydrates the skin verywell
  • Restores the cracked skin to its previous glory
  • Paraben-free
  • You can get results even under sporadic use
  • Absorbs very quickly
  • Doesn’t leave residue


  • Contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids which can temporarily increase sunlight sensitivity


The Advanced Clinicals 8oz Callus Cream is a very potent product that can help you get rid of your calluses in an efficient way while keeping your feet hydrated. You can expect results even with one weekly use. But if you stick to the normal treatment plan and use it every other day – or even every day – those stubborn calluses should clear up quickly.

The product contains a wide array of potent natural ingredients including Aloe Vera leaf juice, jojoba seed oil, sweet almond oil, and even flower extracts for a nice odor. The Aloe Vera and the jojoba help the skin to retain water, so it remains hydrated and healthier.

The product does not contain any paraben, so if you are sensitive to these kinds of ingredients, rest assured, the Advanced Clinicals 8oz Callus Cream is highly unlikely to cause any side effects.

As a deep moisturizer, the cream reaches the innermost layers of the skin, providing hydration inside and out. The foot cream contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid to improve the skin’s complexity and smoothness by cleansing its pores, but it’s probably best to avoid sunbathing for a couple of hours after using it.

Advanced Clinicals 8oz Callus Cream vs. All Natural Shea Butter Moisturizing Foot Care Lotion

All Natural Shea Butter Moisturizing Foot Care Lotion is a similar product in many aspects. Both rely on proven, natural ingredients. Shea butter is one of the most remarkable components for skin care, butjojoba oil and Aloe Vera certainly give a run for its money.

In addition to that, the Advanced Clinicals 8oz Callus Cream was specifically manufactured to counteract the problem of calluses. It first loosens up the hardened skin cells, and after a couple of sessions you can simply peel off the dead skin. The cream promotes the healing process, and its use can yield quick results.


Both of these foot creams can be effective, but the Advanced Clinicals 8oz Callus Cream is a little bit better in a couple of aspects, including the time required to see results. You only need a couple of applications, and if you are willing to use the product every day, you should be able to enjoy the restored quality of your skin within a week or two.

The All Natural Shea Butter Moisturizing Foot Care Lotion certainly has some very interesting ingredients, but without the Alpha Hydroxy Acid it is not nearly as potent as its counterpart. It is a close contest, but the Advanced Clinicals 8oz Callus Cream comes out on top.

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