Best Foot Cream for Calluses

Best Foot Cream for Calluses

Feet calluses represent one of the most common complaints when it comes to foot problems. The chances of you developing them during your lifetime are extremely high, and although they are not considered a major health problem, they can be rather annoying.

What exactly are they, though? They form when the feet are subjected to an excessive amount of force, usually of the frictional nature. Running, hiking or physical labor are usually the main causes, and the process is usually cumulative.

You don’t realize it until the problem exists, at which point even the best foot cream for calluses could take some time to treat the problem. The calluses are otherwise easy to identify.They are hard, coarse lumps, and they are often situated on the heels or the side of the feet.

Among the potential causes, you’ll find ill-fitting footwear, unusual gait, and flat feet.Over time, any of these conditions can result in callused feet, and when multiple factors are present, it is only a matter of time until certain areas of the skin become hardened. The calluses themselves rarely cause major pain, but they can become quite a nuisance, especially if they’re not taken care of.

There is very little chance for infection, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. You can deal with calluses in a variety of ways, likeseeking the help of a foot care professional. Alternatively, you can do it on your own with the right product, preferably the best foot cream for calluses.

Urea Cream 40 Corn and Callus Remover

The Urea 40 is a jack-of-all-trades kind of cream, capable of acting as a foot and hand cream. It is generally used to treat the common side effects of dry or rough skin, including corns and calluses, but it has other positive qualities as well.As potentially the best foot cream for calluses,it offers a good combination of healing properties.

In addition to acting as a skin exfoliator that removes the dead cells from the skin’s outermost surface, it is also an excellent moisturizer, and that’s wherein its power lies.

Most foot creams try to achieve the same results but fall short, but the Urea 40 tries to counteract the problem by preventing it. Its premise is that if you can manage to keep your skin hydrated, you can significantly decrease the chances of calluses forming. It may still happen with rigorous exercise, but the skin will be much healthier and possess better regenerative qualities, thanks to what may be the best foot cream for calluses.


The Urea 40 is an advanced therapy solution, with versatility as one of its most competitive advantages. In addition to acting as an excellent anti-calluses cream, you can also use it as a hand lotion. Most skin agents with exfoliating qualities have other ingredients that moisturize the skin but probably not to the degree the Urea 40 does. The aloe and tea tree oil combination is very potent.


  • Frequently recommended by healthcare professionals
  • Exfoliates and moisturizes
  • Contains aloe vera and tea tree oil
  • Manufactured in pharmacies by healthcare professionals
  • Proven to be effective in preventing moisture loss
  • Fragrance free


  • Depending on the amount you use, it may leave residue on the skin
  • It may not be as effective against wear and tear calluses

Gold Bond Ultimate Softening Foot Cream with Shea Butter

The Gold Bond Ultimate is a foot softening cream that uses the power of Shea butter to eliminate certain skin problems and conditions. This particular ingredient is well known for its skin-friendly qualities and for good reasons. Any product competing to be the best foot cream for calluses must be able to bring something unique to the table, and Gold Bond’s product does just that.

In addition to the above mentioned ingredient, the manufacturer put six of the most potent known moisturizers together to create an ultra-efficient anti-calluses solution. We havethree different vitamins (A, C, E) and three silk peptide compounds in addition to the Shea butter, which has long been associated with improved skin elasticity.

The more elastic your skin is, the more durable it becomes, so one would argue that the best foot cream for calluses has to feature that property.

Water intake and genetics are obviously huge when it comes to this topic, but it also matters how well you can take care of your skin, maybe with the help of a product like the Gold Bond Ultimate Softening Foot Cream. Let’s see what this cream can offer in terms of features.


If the Gold Bond Ultimate is the best foot cream for calluses currently on the market, it is more than likely because of its potent formula. This product contains no less than seven different moisturizing agents, including the Shea butter, a compound that promotes skin health. The non-greasy feel is also nice, but the compact moisturizer profile is the main feature of this product.


  • Very easy to work with, penetrates the skin quickly
  • Thick, non-greasy cream
  • Scented without chemicals
  • Highly effective blended profile


  • No refreshing fragrance
  • May be more effective as a hand cream

Banish My Callus Foot and Hand Callus Cream from Emu Joy

Emu Joy’s product has one special ingredient, emu oil, the fat of the flightless bird native to Australia. The oil contains multiple essential fats including Omega-3, a well-known natural skin intensifier, and an ingredient in various products with the best foot cream for calluses moniker. According to the lore, aboriginals, the indigenous Australians, used the bird’s fat for treating certain injuries, including severe burns.

The essential fatty acids in the oil helped the skin heal faster, and that is the premise of this product. The emu oil can help you to solve more superficial problems like dry skin and its side effects. This makesEmu Joy’s product a good candidate for thebest foot cream for callusestitle.


This cream can penetrate the skin’s deeper layers, providing healing inside and outside. This is possible because of the concentrated formula, containing emu oil. In addition to that, this product is very popular among cross fitters, who are known to develop extreme hand calluses over time.


  • Concentrated formula with emu oil
  • No filler chemical ingredients
  • Effective for hand calluses
  • No mineral oil
  • Free of artificial preservatives
  • Hypoallergenic


  • An animal product with an odor off-putting for some


All three products use special, potent ingredients. The Urea Cream 40 relies on the power of aloe vera and tea tree oil, the Gold Bond Ultimate Softening Foot Cream uses Shea butter as its main ingredient, and the Banish My Callus Foot from Emu Joy has emu fat in it.

Either one of them could contend to become the best foot cream for calluses, but if there is a single winner, it is the Gold Bond Ultimate Softening Foot Cream. The Shea butter is an expensive ingredient with a proven track record for skin health, and that, along with the non-greasy formula, is a combination that’s a little too tough for the competition to beat.

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