Can You Use Athletes Foot Cream For Jock Itch?

Can you use athletes’ foot cream for jock itch?

This question is more common than you can imagine.

Here is how that works…

What is jock itch?

Scientifically known as tinea cruris, jock itch is a form of fungal infection that affects the skin of your genitals, buttocks and inner thighs.  This infection causes an itchy, red rash in moist areas of your body. Typically, the rash is ring-shaped.

Athlete’s foot, which is also a form of fungus infection known as tinea pedis, presents with some of the same characteristics. In fact, athletes foot is closely related to jock itch (tinea cruris).

What causes jock itch?

A fungus causes both these infections. Typically, fungi tend to grow on or in the top layer of the skin.

The ideal conditions for fungi to grow involve warm, moist areas of our bodies such as the inner thighs, buttock and groin, and between the toes.

Jock itch typically affects male athletes. That, however, does not mean that it is exclusive to this group; anyone can get jock itch.

The fungus can spread from person to person.  Sharing wet towels and clothes, or dropping them on wet floors and then using them is another way to get this fungus.


What are the common sign and symptoms of jock itch?

  • A reddened rash on your inner thighs, groin, and buttocks. Typically, it is a half-mooned shape.
  • The rash may appear scaly, red and have bumps that may look like blisters.
  • This area usually is itchy and burns.


Back to the original question:

Can you use athletes foot cream for jock itch?

Both jock itch and athlete’s foot are caused by the same fungus family.  Therefore, some creams formulated to treat one may be used to treat the other. It is best to read the label of the product or research the product that you are using online to find out if it is effective for jock itch.

There are many creams that you can purchase without a prescription to aid in treating the inflammation. Clotrimazole or terbinafine which are anti-fungal medications is typically recommended to stop the fungus quickly.

Listed below are some treatments that are promoted by the companies producing them to effectively treat Athlete’s Foot and jock itch. 

When should I see a physician?

If your rash doesn’t improve or if you treat it with over the counter medication and it returns, it is best to seek medical attention from a doctor. You may need a doctor’s diagnosis and a prescription medication.


Though unpleaseant, jock itch tends to be an easily treated and curable skin condition. Plus, there are many medications available to kill the fungus that causes jock itch as well athlete’s foot.

As you already know, take precautions to prevent it. If, however, you do get jock itch, there are plenty of options to aid in effectively soothing your infection.




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