Best Foot Peel Masks for Dry, Rough Feet (2018 Reviews)

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Are you looking to find the best foot peel treatment for your dry, rough feet?

Sometimes a pedicure or good foot cream will do the trick, but other times your feet need a stronger dose of exfoliation from a foot peel mask.

In this article, we’ll provide an overview of some of the best foot peel products on the market.

What is a Foot Peel?

A foot peel is an intensive treatment used to slough off dry, dead skin from your feet. You can do the treatment right from your own home using products like those described in this article. However, the procedure can be a bit messy and inconvenient, so beware and properly prepare!

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Oftentimes foot peels cause the dry, dead skin on your feet to flake off in large pieces, and it doesn’t happen quickly. These effects only begin manifesting themselves a few days after the treatment and can last for weeks.

First timers might find all of this alarming, but not to worry. Many foot peel users attest that the benefits largely outweigh any temporary discomfort!

Benefits of a Foot Peel

While foot peels may be off-putting at first, the benefits are significant. Once you overcome the shock of seeing all the dead skin sloughing off your feet, you will love the soft, supple skin that lies just beneath the surface!

No more scratching your partner in bed with your sandpaper feet. No more snagging your pantyhose. And perhaps most importantly, removing the layers of parched, dead skin on your feet can help prevent other medical complications.

Dry feet can make you more susceptible to conditions like athlete’s foot, especially if your feet become cracked.

What Makes One Foot Peel Brand Better Than Another?

When comparing foot peel products, there are a few key aspects to look at, including ingredients, application, and cost.

Ingredients.  Most foot peel treatments contain lactic acid as the main active ingredient. Lactic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid that works to penetrate multiple layers of skin to dissolve dead skin cells. Without lactic acid, a foot peel may not provide the exfoliating strength of other products. You may be just as well off getting a pedicure.

Application.  Some treatments consist of foot masks that adhere to the bottom of your feet, while other products consist of booties filled with an exfoliating solution that you put on your feet. While the application of most foot peels is similar, you may find yourself preferring the process and application materials of one brand over another.

Cost. Baby Foot, arguably the most popular foot peel product, tends to be one of the most expensive options, usually running between $15-20 for one set of booties. In comparison, other products come with two and even three sets of booties or foot masks for a similar price.

The Best Way to Use a Foot PeelSteps to Applying a Foot Peel

Most foot peels follow a simple process.

  1. First, clean and dry your feet.
  2. Then apply the masks or booties to both feet and leave them on for about an hour.
  3. Lastly, remove the masks or booties and thoroughly wash the solution off your feet.

A few days later you’ll begin to notice your skin peeling. It is recommended that users soak their feet nightly until all the skin has shed.

Keep in mind the following considerations though in order to avoid leaving a trail of skin flakes everywhere you go!

Needless to say, you’ll want to be strategic about the timing of your foot peel treatments. Right before your best friend’s summer wedding is probably not the optimal time. And your yoga class? You might want to skip it for a week or two, or at least wear thick socks.

It’s also worth noting that foot peels can remove so much dead skin on your feet that you temporarily lose some protective cushioning. Extensive walking or wearing dress shoes can be painful in the days during and immediately following a foot peel treatment. Again, the timing of your foot peel treatment is everything!

Treatments are recommended no more than once monthly and only if you have a significant layer of dead skin built up.

Another word of caution—do not pick at your peeling skin if it’s not ready to come off yet. It may be tempting to pick, but trust your foot peel to get the job done. Don’t cause yourself more problems by irritating your feet or causing infection.

What If I Don’t Want My Skin to Peel?

Peeling skin is an inevitable by-product of a foot peel treatment—hence the name of the treatment. The ingredients used in foot peel treatments work together gradually in order to prevent irritation and raw skin on your feet. Skin falls off in pieces over the course of days or weeks rather than all at once.

There are plenty of ways to reduce the “ick factor” though. Here are a few recommendations:

  • Plan the timing of your treatment effectively
  • Stock up on clean socks
  • Keep your dust buster handy
  • Do not pick at skin that’s not ready to come off yet
  • Keep your eye on the prize!

Remember how amazing your feet will look and feel when all the peeling is said and done! Some foot peel users say they even enjoy the satisfying process of watching all the old, dead skin fall off and new, fresh skin emerge.

Prerequisites for Using a Foot Peel

Although foot peels may seem a bit extreme and even grotesque, the treatment is quite safe. Nevertheless, there are certain precautions to heed.

Pregnant women, diabetics and those with eczema should avoid foot peels, or at least consult with a doctor first.

In addition, ensure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients in the foot peel product you choose and do not use foot peels if you have open cuts or sores.

If you have any doubts about whether a foot peel is safe for you, consult your doctor.


Reviews of the Best Foot Peel Products

1. Soft Touch Foot Peel Mask

Soft Touch Foot Peel Mask is a solid choice for exfoliating your dry, cracked and calloused feet.

It’s also a strong option if you’re looking for a less expensive alternative to the popular Baby Foot Exfoliant Foot Peel described in the next section. Both products come with booties filled with the gel solution that activates skin peeling.


  • Made from powerful yet safe botanical extracts
  • No artificial additives or chemicals
  • Active ingredients include papain and aloe vera extract which exfoliate and moisturize your feet
  • Comes with two pairs of booties
  • Booties accommodate larger feet up to men’s size 11


  • Some users report Soft Touch Foot Peel Mask does not get rid of calluses

2. Baby Foot Exfoliant Foot Peel

Baby Foot Exfoliant Foot Peel is one of the most popular and best selling foot peel products on the market. Similar to Soft Touch Foot Peel Mask described above, Baby Foot recommends that users leave their feet soaked in the solution in the plastic booties for one hour.

After 3-7 days, peeling begins and can last anywhere from days to weeks.


  • No animal testing
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Ingredients in the solution include salicylic acid and lactic acid which effectively dissolves dead skin cells without causing irritation
  • Contains natural extracts
  • Adds moisture to the skin


  • Comes with one set of booties while several similar products come with two or three sets
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3. HODAF Foot Mask

HODAF Foot Mask is a quality foot peel product with strong customer feedback. While it’s one of the lower cost products on the market, users report HODAF Foot Mask has similar results to many of the more expensive brands and it comes with two pairs of booties.


  • Contains ingredients from the extracts of herbs and fruit acids, including papain fruit of the papaya tree which has been used for centuries to reduce inflammation
  • Consists of  lactic acid, glycerine, glycolic acid, and salicylic acid
  • Contains aloe which is an anti-inflammatory that moisturizes skin and improves blood circulation
  • Comes with two pairs of booties
  • Low cost in comparison to similar brands
  • 100% money back guarantee



  • Some users complain that the adhesive tape intended to secure the masks to your feet is not effective and the solution can easily leak out
  • Some users report burning sensation and allergic reaction


4. BEA LUZ Olive Exfoliating Foot Mask

BEA LUZ Olive Exfoliating Mask is a solid option, especially for those looking for a product with natural ingredients. Also, this product does not contain salicylic acid which may be desirable for those sensitive to chemicals.


  • Contains olive oil which kills the bacteria and hydrates skin
  • Contains castor oil which, according to Dr. Axe, helps kill ringworm and fungal infections, reduces skin inflammation, and heals abrasions
  • Contains lavender oil which has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Comes in both regular and lavender fragrance


  • Some customers report that this product doesn’t get rid of calluses


And the Winner Is…

So what’s our pick for the best foot peel?

After assessing key points of comparison like ingredients, application, cost, and overall effectiveness, our choice for the best foot peel brand is HODAF Foot Mask.

HODAF’s natural ingredients, high value and relatively low cost, simple application process, and lasting effects make it an appealing product for users.Customers claim it sloughs off dead skin just like many other similar brands, but it also gets rid of calluses, whereas users of several other brands report their calluses did not go away.

While some users report the adhesive tape doesn’t work well, this complaint is common to several other brands too.

As long as you are not allergic to any of its ingredients, HODAF Foot Mask is a strong choice for your foot care needs. And at about $13, you won’t have to break the bank to experience its incredible results!



Image Source on top: Photo by Noelle Otto from Pexels

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