How To Get Rid Of Dry Feet

There are several reasons why you may have dry feet. For the most part, it can be attributed to shoes you wear, bathing in extremely hot water, living within an environment with low humidity, and even aging. Although having dry feet, in many cases is not a serious issue, it can be very embarrassing. In the most extreme cases, however, it could lead to discomfort and even other forms of skin diseases.

How can you easily get rid of dry feet?

The treatment process for getting rid of dry feet can be divided into three parts:

  • Exfoliating
  • Softening
  • Moisturizing

These are all things you can do at home provided your dry feet condition is mild and manageable. If, however, your dry feet are cracked to the extent they are bleeding, you might need to seek more advanced measures such as talking to your doctor. With that being said, here are your options on how to get rid of dry feet.

Start by exfoliating your dry feet

There are several home remedies associated with exfoliation. One of the best options involves the use of sugar. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Make a thick exfoliating scrub by combining olive oil and brown sugar in equal parts
  2. Once the mixture is well combined, use your hands to rub it on your feet (make sure your feet are wet)
  3. Massage your feet with the scrub for approximately 15 minutes. Focus most of your energy on your heels and any other part that you find particularly dry
  4. Once you have thoroughly scrubbed your feet, rinse with cool water and use a clean towel to pat them down

This entire process shouldn’t take a lot of time and can even be done in the evening before you go to bed or in the morning before you go to work.

How to soften your exfoliated feet

One of the best ways to soothe dry feet is to soak them. By simply taking a few ingredients from your kitchen, you can successfully concoct a highly effective foot soak right at home. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Walk into your kitchen and get a cup of honey. Add that to about a gallon of warm water and mix
  2. Soak your feet in that mixture for about 15 minutes for mild dryness. For extremely dry cases, you can increase the time to about 30 or even 45 minutes
  3. Take your feet out and dry them with a clean towel

This particular remedy works because honey happens to have natural enzymes that help to speed up healing as well as bind moisture to the skin on your feet. By soaking your feet, you also increase the circulation, and this goes towards improving your dry skin condition. That means that the more often you use this mixture to soak your feet, the more circulation they get and the less dry they eventually become.

Moisturize your feet with petroleum jelly

Once you are done, it would be counterproductive to have it all go to waste by not moisturizing and protecting your feet. One of the best, yet simple products to use for this purpose is petroleum Jelly. Once you have applied a healthy but reasonable helping of petroleum jelly to your feet, it is time to seal all the moisture by wearing a clean, dry pair of socks. Be careful not to walk around on your bare feet if you applied petroleum jelly on them because this stuff is slippery; do not add unnecessary injuries from a fall to your list of problems.

Preferably, you should do this before you go to bed so that the extra layer of blankets or duvets can help preserve the moisture on your feet. Be sure to rinse your feet well in the morning before you go to work.

These simple steps show you how to get rid of dry feet. Try to carry out this routine as often as you can (preferably every night) to ensure that your feet remain soft, moisturized and well taken care of all around.

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