How To Soften Your Feet

During those warm, sunny months, it is absolutely natural that you would want to wear sandals/flip-flops. But, for as relaxed and carefree as they make you feel, your feet almost always end up paying the price.

By exposing your feet to the sun, all sorts of rough surfaces and generally not protecting them from the elements for long periods of time during the day, you are essentially paving the way for calluses.

By the end of the summer, your feet might end up having cracked heels, being dried out, and having an all-round rough appearance. It is, therefore, no surprise that you would be seriously thinking about how to soften your feet.

Why soften your feet?

It doesn’t matter how much of a carefree spirit you think you are, there are just some situations that will call for soft, clean and radiant feet. Think about these scenarios for a second:

  • How often would you wear shoes everywhere you go just to cover up your cracked heels?
  • What about when you are in bed, would you want your partner getting roughed up and scratched by your dry, callused feet?
  • How about those cold winters, how bad would they be on your cracked heels?
  • Finally, what about the pain? Deep cracks on the heels of your feet may sometimes bleed. That makes wearing your favorite pair of heels or boots a nightmare.

All in all, having rough, callused feet isn’t the most ideal of situations. To make the circumstances even worse, the fact that you can actually do something about it makes it even more annoying.

To avoid all this, the best thing you can do is learn how to soften your feet. With that in mind, here are some tips and home remedies that can help you soften your battered and dry feet.

Natural home remedies to soften feet

The first thing you need to understand about the skin on your feet is that it is not like the skin on the rest of your body. The skin on your feet is naturally dry and had no oil glands. This skin is moisturized only by your sweat glands. Being outside a lot, medical conditions such as diabetes and generally not taking very good care of them can make your feet dry out faster.

But with just a little love and care, your feet can be as soft as butter in no time at all. Okay, maybe not butter, but something very soft. Here is what you need to do:

Soak your feet regularly

Using warm water, Epsom salts and maybe some moisturizing oil like jojoba, soak your feet in a foot basin for about 10 minutes as often as you can. This softens and nourishes the skin on them.

Do some exfoliating

To get rid of the dead and rough skin, you need to exfoliate. On your heels, you can use a pumice stone while your favorite Dead Sea Scrub would be perfect for all other rough areas. Be gentle with yourself; do not scrub too hard.

Get them moisturized

Once you have soaked and exfoliated, you need to dry your feet with a clean towel and then immediately moisturize. Use something that penetrates the skin even at the roughest points. A deep coconut-based moisturizer would be ideal.

Treat any cracks

If your feet are a bit too far gone and now have deep cracks, you need to treat these areas with a little extra care. If you mash some bananas and leave them on the cracks for about 10 minutes, you will find that they become less painful and begin to smoothen.

Try this remedy twice every day until your feet completely recover. However, if your cracks have started bleeding, or hurt when you walk, you might need to see a foot specialist for further medical recommendations.

Keep them soothed overnight

The fastest way to soften rough feet is to keep them thoroughly moisturized overnight. Once you have soaked, scrubbed and treated, you can apply some Vaseline or your favorite deep moisturizer to your feet. Cover them up with soft clean socks and leave overnight. The socks help to lock in the moisture throughout the night. This enables the skin on your feet to soften quicker.

It is often said that prevention is better than cure. This is particularly true when dealing with your feet. Try not to leave them out in the sun too long. Even though we understand that flip-flops are the order of the day during those wonderfully sunny summer days, try to apply the above-mentioned treatments overnight while enjoying your summer. These practical tips show you how to soften your feet even while having fun out in the sun.


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