Wonder Pedi Soft Moisturizing Foot Cream with Tea Tree Extract, Natural Beeswax, and Glycerin

Foot health is very important. Our quality of life, work productivity and exercising regimen can all suffer when we develop foot problems, even when we are talking about seemingly minor issues like developing calluses. Above all, these nuisances can keep you from being at your best, which can influence your health and even mental faculties. Skin health is not that different from your overall health, you simply want to achieve balance in your everyday habits and be proactive.

This is where foot creams can help you. Your foot is subjected to a tremendous amount of force on a daily basis, and we haven’t even talked about other potentially damaging factors like injuries or bacteria. Proactive foot care is crucial because it allows you to prevent or at least postpone most potential problems.

The natural wear and tear you cannot escape, but by choosing a product like the Wonder Pedi Soft Moisturizing Foot Cream, you can establish a standard of care that will pay dividends inboth short and long term.

In light of recent studies, we can safelyconclude that taking care of your feet is a vital part of preventative healthcare and most people should take this issue a little more seriously. Using the Wonder Pedi Foot Cream is a step in that direction.


Wonder Pedi is known for their electric callus remover, but they also have a rather effective foot cream that you can use with or without the device. When it comes to these products, the most important aspect is the ingredient list. A foot cream is only as good as its components. With the Wonder Pedi Foot Cream, these main ingredients are tea tree extract, natural beeswax, and glycerin.

  • Tea tree: This is one of the most heavily researched compounds on the planet, and for good reasons. Its use has long been associated with excellent skin health, so it’s no wonder why you find it in so many skin creams. It can help you to counter a number of skin conditions, including acne, psoriasis, eczema or even the boils. In addition to all that, you can also use it to remove your makeup, or eliminate those stubborn calluses, another reason why it is such a potent ingredient for foot creams.
  • Natural Beeswax: also known as Cera Alba, beeswax is a natural soothing and protective agent, originatingdirectly from Mother Nature’s little helpers, bees. It is also a hypoallergenic compound and is as such, one of the cosmetic industry’s favorite ingredients. The most important property of beeswax is its ability to harden on a surface, protecting it likea natural shield. That is how bees protect the honeycomb and the larvae, and the concept is the same for the Wonder Pedi Foot Cream, only this time, there is no honeycomb, only your skin. In addition, the cream is easier to spread with beeswax in it.
  • Glycerin: A compound promoting cell maturation, glycerin is another popular ingredient of foot creams. It helps the skin maintain its delicate water balance, one of the primary factors for prolonged skin health. How hydrated you skin is, virtually determines not just how it looks, but also how it feels. Elastic, well-hydrated skin is always more aesthetic, what’s maybe even more important, it feels better for the person.
  • Additional Features: The Wonder Pedi Foot Cream offers great hydration, can help you prevent infections, and eliminates bacteria responsible for bad odor.


  • Mostly natural ingredients with some additional chemicals
  • Potent ingredient profile with three popular compounds
  • Works really well on dry skin
  • Excellent against calluses
  • Easy to spread and quickly absorbed


  • Some customers may find it a little too thin
  • The flowery odor may not be ideal for everyone


The Wonder Pedi Foot Cream is a very potent moisturizer and callus remover. By adding three of the most popular – and likely most effective –skin care ingredients, the manufacturer have created a great product that works for the vast majority of people.

It will not cure chronic skin diseases and other medical skin conditions but it effectively eliminates most side effects of dry skin and wear and tear, including those annoying calluses.

It might be too thin for some but the slightly thinner texture comes with its own advantages. It is easier to spread it around on the skin, andonce you do that, you’ll see that the skin absorbs the cream quickly and efficiently.

Wonder Pedi Foot Cream vs. Gold Bond Ultimate

If we compare Wonder Pedi’s Foot Cream to the Gold Bond Ultimate, another popular foot cream, the most distinctive difference is the ingredient profile. The Wonder Pedi Foot Cream has three major ingredients including tea tree oil and beeswax, both of which are extremely popular in the cosmetic industry.

The Gold Bond Ultimate comes with Shea butter and has thicker consistency, which can be a pro or a con depending on your personal preferences. Both are effective against calluses and considered non-greasy, which is another major criterion for the vast majority of customers.

Both foot creams absorb relatively quickly into the skin, as expected from top shelf brands.But the Wonder Pedi Foot Cream is easier to spread around thanks to its thinner consistency, and that is also the reason why it doesn’t really leave any residue after use.

As far as organic ingredients go, both creams feature various natural components with only the necessary extras added to the mix. If we compare the odors, Wonder Pedi’s product is probably a better fit for most with its flowery scent but that also comes down to personal preference.


The Wonder Pedi Soft Moisturizing Foot Cream feels like the superior choice, it is just hard to compete against that ingredient profile. Both tree tea oil and beeswax are heavily researched compounds with proven uses in the cosmetic and medical fields. In addition to this aspect, the Wonder Pedi Foot Cream absorbs a little quicker into the skin, and if you are comfortable with thinner moisturizers, there are no downsides.

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